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GP Prescribing (ePACT) Data

NHS Digital has made available prescribing data by GP practice since December 2011 for England. This data is released on a monthly basis with a two month lag. This data shows presentational level (pack) data for Net Ingredient Cost (NIC), Actual Cost, Items on Prescription and Quantity.


This data comes in large datasets (approx 10 million rows per month) and as the NHS quote

"It will be necessary for data users to analyse the information using specialist data-handling software. Standard spreadsheet application will not be able to handle the volumes of data contained in the monthly datasets".  


In addition the ODS (Organisation Data Service) is publishing structures for PCT and for interim structures for new CCGs.


Despite these challenges, Zedras has taken the monthly data load and structural information and using advanced Excel techniques has produced market level models, updated monthly in Excel. These can be distributed to field based personnel or used in house.