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What Can We Do For You?

Our main focus is to provide analytical and data manipulation solutions designed to suit your individual requirements. This covers areas such as


  • Data Manipulation and Cleaning prior to loading or analysis

  • Time Series Forecasting

  • Epidemiological Forecasting

  • Sales and Activity Modelling

  • NHS Data Presentation


We offer tailored support that can range from individual days, to sort out small issues or supporting internal processes, through to major multi country projects designed to support corporate forecasting requirements. Given the access to methods of online support, questions and developments will frequently be supported by online meetings. This means that time consuming face to face meetings can be reduced to a minimum allowing for smaller projects to be easily undertaken.


We can also offer additional services such as:-


  •   Data Sorting ranging from matching records, deduplicating and reformatting data.

  •    A Review and "Sense Check" service to ensure your data is providing you with the  

            best possible results.