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Why Zedras?

Zedras offers a safe pair of hands for your analysis and data manipulation needs. We can undertake projects that range from providing a complete solution to working with your team on specific project elements, or on a simple day rate. With experience built up over a number of years and from a variety of intelligence roles, we are able to address the thorny challenges that your business may face.


The philosophy behind our modelling is that it should be easily accessible, so we use tools and language that companies are familiar with such as Excel and Access, but use them in innovative and advanced ways focusing on the specific requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry.


We also work as part of a team and have substantial experience in data manipulation as part of wider projects where either time pressure or issues relating to the "raw" data have meant that a client has needed additional support to either load or analyse data. This can take the form of regular monthly support or one-off projects.


Because of our familiarity in these areas we also offer training courses tailored to using these tools but with a Pharmaceutical slant.